Design and Service Content:

• Discuss and research decoration intention (style, furniture type, budget investment, etc.)

• Production initial concept design (plane layout, functional line analysis, investment estimation, preliminary decoration effect)

• Design expansion and deepening (elevation deepening, material selection, soft decoration intention, effect display)

• Decoration construction drawing production (each construction professional construction drawing, elevation, section, node details)

• Docking with other professional support (HVAC, air conditioning, weak current intelligence, house customization, stone customization)

• Assist in material selection and budget review

• Before the construction of drawings to disclose, guide the construction site pay-off and supervision of construction

Note: The construction drawings shall meet the depth requirements of the national standards, and the construction drawings shall be affixed with the seal together with the cooperating design institute (Note: all the approval and construction application services with the relevant government departments shall not be included)