Guest: James Zhang, Shanghai Zhangshouzhen Interior Design Office

Fangtianxia reporter: Li Chunhui

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[Fangtianxia] : Dear Fangtianxia netizens, today’s guest in our Fangtianxia studio is Mr. James Zhang from Shanghai Zhangshouzhen Design Office. Hello, Mr. James Zhang, let me introduce myself to our net friend first.

[James Zhang] : Hello, everyone. I am the design director of Phoenix International in Hong Kong and the design Director of James Zhang Interior Design Studio in Shanghai. You will be familiar with me, we have been in the house world design life ID for six or seven years. In 2005 and 2006, it was mainly a personal studio. Now it has a team office of 16 people. Although we have a team of 16 people, usually we have about 10 cases per year, and about 15 cases in busy times.

[Fangtianxia] : I would like to know for the Internet users, our studio compared with other studios in Shanghai, do you have some personality or characteristics?

[James Zhang] : Compared with similar domestic firms and studios with such characteristics, we are actually very similar in general. The difference is that we and the quantitative decoration and design companies, and they are very different. Because we pursue the quality of design, design to guide construction, design to guide life, all to design.

The bigger feature of our own studio is that in the current team of 16 people, there is also a soft outfit team of 6 people, so as to ensure a work, from the design of hard outfit to the soft design of accessories, is an integrated streamline service.

[Room world] : So our owners in the choice of decoration company, or when choosing some design firms, may have more doubts in the heart, some can not choose our design company, may be more decoration costs. This will involve the designer’s rebate problem, can you give us a netizen explanation?

[James Zhang] : In fact, the designer rebate this topic has been more sensitive. In our firm alone, we take a personalized path in terms of materials. The difference between us and quantitative design companies and decoration companies is that they are quantitative, the characteristics of the quantity it can not be personalized, he may be 80 or 90 percent of the customers will use the same material. We only have about ten orders a year, and we want quality design. None of us have a repeat. Our quantity is not much, do not have too much experience to negotiate with the material cost. Moreover, our cost is relatively higher than that of quantified companies, so designers’ income should be a small part of the design fee and material rebate, and we basically do not value it.

Of course, if it is a quantitative company, the designer’s salary is not very high, and the design cost is very low, and even some construction, its profit point is in the construction, which leads to a part of his income from other places to subsidize. In addition to the return point of construction, it may also rely on the return point of the main material. I think it’s all legitimate income, assuming there’s nothing illegal about it. If it is justified, our laws and regulations have their proportion, and they should not go beyond this range. If they go beyond this range, they are not justified.

[Fangtianxia] : Thank you. After your interpretation, our majority of owners may no longer have a misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the rebate problem of designers. Then I would like to ask, when the owner of the decoration, we designers in what kind of position, is not often in the position of guidance?

[James Zhang] : This is actually the relationship between Party A and Party B. The relationship and status between Party A and Party B mainly depends on sufficient communication between the two parties during the design process and the early stage of the design. Designers should have a sufficient understanding of the needs of the client. Because all the design is to solve the problem, it comes from the life, but also to guide the life, guide the owner how the new space will be more comfortable to use in the future. Better than he thought. That’s what design does.

Shanghai James Zhang Design office interior design villa design

[Fangxia] : So what do you think an ideal space, or a space that the owner is more satisfied with, should look like? This may involve the question, what is your understanding of the design value of the whole space?

[James Zhang] : The owner and the whole family live comfortably, this is the satisfied space. A common misconception is that the soul of design is lighting. With lighting, the feeling of design comes out. In fact, lighting is not the soul of the design space. The soul of the real design space is the use of space, which is a soul of the design space. When you design your own house and it’s better than you thought it would be, it shows that design brings value. It captures the soul of design.

【 Fangxia 】 : Do you have some design styles that you are good at?

[James Zhang] : A team or a designer, he should not be a style inherent. Our style is our blood, and our blood determines our style. The important thing is not to discuss the style or determine the style, but to understand that the actual population, their cultural background, their living habits, the space, is to serve a specific group, to suit a specific group.

[Room World] : When serving the owners, we should analyze the specific problems and tailor a style that belongs to them.

[James Zhang] : Yes, designers need to spend more effort before design, communication between the two sides is particularly important.

[Fangxia] : At present, the homogeneity of our whole design industry market is more serious. Every home looks the same, so how do we avoid homogeneity in this respect?

[James Zhang] : Over the years, we through our company’s website, or in the world of some of the works, it is easy to find that our works are not the same, the designers in the heart and brain storage of resources is very big. Our annual workload is not too large, so we can ensure that the designers in our team have enough time to belong to their own. Where there are characteristics of the decoration space, we go to visit, to investigate, to learn, because in this way to ensure that your heart has a steady flow of resources to provide you with different needs of customers.

[Fangxia] : So at present, there are so many design companies in our market. Maybe this personalized design firm is also what our society needs. I hope your firm will design some personalized home decoration designs that meet their requirements for more owners in the future. Thank you for joining us in the world studio today. thank you

[James Zhang] : Thank you.