James Zhang: He made the room have memory function

With W Hotel next door and Suzhou Jinji Lake beside it, it is no exaggeration to call the Suzhou Center a landmark building in Suzhou. Talking about the positioning of the model room in Suzhou Center, designer James Zhang said, “I imagine that the owner of the room is a designer who customizes high-end cheongsam.” […]

Design in real life

15:26:00 housing the collection print size: 2013-05-03 T | T share WeChat share [Abstract] The Fourth China International Space Environment Art Design Competition — Nesting Award in 2013, co-sponsored by China Building Decoration Association and Beijing International Design Week, was launched and promoted in Shanghai Station, the second stop of the activity, successfully concluded on […]

Personalized design guides life

Guest: James Zhang, Shanghai Zhangshouzhen Interior Design Office Fangtianxia reporter: Li Chunhui Shanghai Zhangshouzhen Design office, interior design, villa design [Fangtianxia] : Dear Fangtianxia netizens, today’s guest in our Fangtianxia studio is Mr. James Zhang from Shanghai Zhangshouzhen Design Office. Hello, Mr. James Zhang, let me introduce myself to our net friend first. [James Zhang] […]